Saturday, April 30, 2011

Train Day - Saturday

Spent the day training on Sadie (my 1100 cc Honda Shadow), sometimes we have to ride
all the bikes.  Went to the Living Expo and saw Dannion Brinkley talk, amazing, mini
ride to GG Bridge today and getting ready for tomorrow.  Trying to get the nutrition
going for the ride, going to see Theresa Dale talk about hormones today and a balanced
program for the ride.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art for japan

Godbless the Japanese these days.  Not only do they have a reactor that's about to
blow but seismic activity that's off the chain up and down the coast, creating
plastic streets in Tokyo.
    At any rate, here's some sumi brush originals i put together and am going
to hit the embarcadaro later on today; gorgeous one by the way...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday train day

blasted to golds gym for my comp membership for a sauna; quickly
learned straight men don't belong in that location around 7 in the p.m.
as i was frequently greeted with the huantingly lonely stare in the sauna.
A little bit of harbin in the city if you will.  Ride ended up
grand as i bombed the big hill in the bayview next to JJ's (get them
shrimps) restaurant...

getting stronger by the day...

The Simple Rider finishes first training round

65 miles and 19 cliff bars later we crossed the line for a pasta dinner.

Big wake up call for the journey down south...   in the saddle

manana for mas fun... let the games begin