Monday, May 2, 2011

New Living Expo

Well this weekend was a bit tough on the training... i took one for the team as my front tire was lodged in the track coming back from the new life expo and had a spill with a bag full of hummus and chips...  I look at it like a christening; can't do a long ride without a christening and i'm gratefull that my hip and hands are just bruised really bad; kind of a bitch though.  A psychic ( marilyn Harper from Branson, MO) summoned archangel Michael, Gabriel, Urial, Raphael, Master Jesus, Lord Buddha, and Saint Germaine to help heal the pain which helped out. 
     The big take away from the weekend was meeting Dr. Theresa Dale and her assistant Rhonda who dialed everyone in on homeopathic radiation and enlightened me to proper detoxification; gots to do the colon, blood, liver, kidneys at the same time.  I also came across some further healing modalities to work on with friends with HIV.  Also turn that damn cell phone off; whoa, these little buggers aren't really that clean and safe to begin with, i had no idea but now i know why i don't really like talking on it... 

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